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Letter of Recommendation for
John C. Sample, MS RCC 

Registered Corporate Coach
​Eagle View Business Coaching and Training.

To Whom It Will Concern 
There are advantages and disadvantage to owning a business where your son is an employee and salesperson. 

My son and I found ourselves in a situation where his interest had moved away from the business, his production had fallen, he owed the company a respectable sum of money, and the need for his production was high.  When we tried to discuss the issues, my son had his opinion and I had mine.  We were always at a loggerhead and this went on for months. It was clear we were stuck! Each had a fear that attempting to find a solution might deviate into a situation that could seriously damage our Father/Son relationship.   We needed someone who had a sound business history who could give a third opinion, advise each of us individually,  move us off stuck, and bring us to a resolution.  

Because the risk was high we interviewed many coaches over a two-month period of time and when we were done, there stood John. 

He was the perfect choice.  He proactively began to set the stage for resolution and then began to bring my son and me to a win/win outcome.  In less than two months we have struck an agreement. My son still provides some services to the corporation as a consultant. He is far happier and free to pursue his heart’s desire. Finally, we signed a contract for some debt forgiveness and a repayment plan for the remainder. 

It could not have been done without John. As a matter of fact, it could have been a disaster without him.  He was superb!   My son and I are extremely pleased with the quality of his advice, direction and management skills.  We recommend him without reservation. 

Sincerely submitted,



Mike Kilgore