Tackle your obstacles to success

Kimberly Calhoun

Dispatch/Argus Special Sections Editor

After going through a divorce, real estate agent Dana Clearman knew personal issues were keeping him from being as professionally successful as he wanted to be. He turned to business coach John Sample of Eagle View Business Coaching in order to tackle those issues. 

"Different emotional styles or obstacles can impact the level of success in our lives and in our work," Mr. Sample explained. "Business coaching is the art of helping individuals who desire growth, success and balance become more productive by defeating those personal obstacles that inhibit peak performance." 

Mr. Sample is a Registered Corporate Coach and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Mr. Sample said his role as a business coach was a natural extension of his role as a family therapist.

"I use several of the same tools and techniques to help people establish better relationships, gain confidence in themselves, deal effectively with change and set effective goals," he said. 

Mr. Sample has received numerous professional awards, is certified to train future business coaches and is an active member of the Quad-Cities community. He integrates his expertise in the behavioral sciences with clients' business strategies to create a better balance in their professional lives, maximize their potential and help them discover new levels of achievement.

"Primarily we tend to work on organizational skills, time management, motivation; those are the areas of most concern to clients," Mr. Sample said. "People frequently sabotage their own success. It's my job to go after those negative messages, find out why they're there and overcome them. I'm not a consultant or expert in every professional field, but I can help clients overcome the inhibitions that sabotage their success, and I can help them be more productive." 

Business coaching is a nonthreatening way to build interpersonal skills, grow in leadership abilities, improve time management and challenge comfort zones. 

Mr. Sample has seen clients from a variety of professions who are looking to improve their professional status. "Lawyers, accountants, engineers, real estate agents, sales people, insurance agents, small business owners, corporate managers - basically anyone who wants to improve their productivity, their income and make their lives more comfortable," he said. 

Clients who comes into Eagle View Business Coaching are given two short tests to find out how balanced they feel their life is and what obstacles are blocking them from success. "I find out what they're good at, what they're not, what it's going to take to be successful in their profession and what we need to do to get them there," Mr. Sample explained. "The focus is on the client's goals for success, but sometimes there are personal issues that interfere or affect work performance, so we need to tackle those too." 

When Mr. Clearman began his coaching sessions, he said he first had to give himself permission to succeed in business. Together, he and Mr. Sample focused on areas that were essential to increase his productivity and eliminate areas that were holding him back. "There were several self-defeating behaviors that were keeping me from reaching my full potential - control issues, issues with personal and professional relationships. I now understand that success and failure are influenced by a lot of outside factors, but I am responsible for the attention to detail and for follow through with my clients," Mr. Clearman said. 

He said business coaching has given him a more consistent attitude of success. 

"It's about letting go," he explained. "It's about not letting things become monumental internally and derail you along the way." 

Mr. Clearman cautions business coaching is not a quick fix or overnight revelation. "It takes time and it takes persistence, but it was the most internally rewarding thing I've ever put myself through. My business has definitely improved over the last few years, and I've also learned so much about myself; that growth was something I couldn't have done on my own. I needed a sounding board and I needed the feedback of someone who was trained and skilled to get me where I am today." 

Mr. Sample recommends a six-month commitment when a client starts business coaching. "One block often leads to another block. It's an ongoing process that takes time and energy, but if a client is willing to make the effort, the results will be worth it," he said. 

Mr. Clearman agreed people can be their own biggest challenge. "It was the best thing I ever did, but it was also the hardest. People are afraid of change because there is comfort and predictability in misery or a lack of success. In order to be successful, I had to give up something; I had to give up what was predictable, and John finally helped me realize that predictability was hindering me, not protecting me." 

Mr. Sample said his role as a business coach has been very rewarding. "There is nothing I like more than to see a client who is fulfilled and relaxed with a higher level of satisfaction. It's all about balance."