• Personal Business Coaching — Focus on organization, time management, motivation, communication and leadership skills for optimal work performance. 

  • Business Life Coaching — Nurture yourself to wholeness through a process of self-discovery and exploration. 

Whatever your goals, we provide individualized assessments and personal guidance to enable you to live your vision.

Soaring Higher

With a clear vision of leadership

Improve your life and career! Leave behind unproductive, negative actions and replace them with positive, proactive skills. Eagle View Business Coaching & Training provides Personal Business Coaching Services that can help you make your life and career more comfortable and productive.

John C. Sample, Founder of Eagle ViewBusiness Coaching & Management Training, a Certified Business Success Coach, integrates the science of human behavior with your business and personal strategies to help you achieve higher performance levels. Positive behavior can help you succeed in all areas of life and work. We offer: